Friday, 13 September 2013

Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury from WCA member

My Lord Archbishop.

As someone who wished to see John of York who I believe to be a man of the people, become Archbishop of Canterbury I have kept my own council about your good self as I know little to nothing about you.

It is with great pleasure that I note your stand against Pay-Day Loans and your intention to combat them commercially by promoting the Credit Unions. A group of us on our estate are exploring the possibilities of forming a credit union so it was encouraging to hear you promoting them. I was also impressed by your commonsense comment that Pay-Day Loans fill a void left by the normal financial institutions when many families find themselves on hard times

My wife and I who are lucky enough to own our home live on an estate that is 60% social housing, the official figure for child poverty on the estate is 1 in 4 but with the introduction of the so called bedroom tax and the hardship that this is causing I feel that the figure is now 1 in 3, so there is a ready market for Pay-Day Loans, Logbook loans and loan sharks.

The only long term answer to this problem is full time employment that pays a living wage of £8-50 per hour to replace the miserly minimum wage of under £6-50 per hour which is a disgrace and needs to be supplemented by benefits to allow people to survive. Some will say that £8-50 per hour is far too high but a 40 hour week at that rate would gross £17,600 per annum which is only half the average wage.

We the working class need a spokesperson to speak for us with authority to bang the drum of condemnation in the House of Lords to be a thorn in the side of government. I hope that you will be that person.



Home Counties Coordinator

Working Class Action

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