Monday, 21 November 2011

Modern Britain, where failure is rewarded......

News broke last week that UK Border Agency staff, the people we trust to protect our national borders, had been instructed to suspend checks on the passports of people from EU and non-EU countries entering the country through airports and sea ports.
These claims raised understandable fears that foreign criminals and terrorists could have been allowed to enter the country unchecked.
The scandal has rocked yet another government which had promised to protect our borders and cut immigration. People see unemployment rising, jobs being lost on an almost daily basis, they see a lack of affordable housing and yet still more and more people are seemingly entering the country, a lot of them now it would seem totally unchecked.
Brodie Clark, the £135,000 a year head of UKBA's Border Force was last week suspended with two of his senior officials over the decision to relax checks on non-Europeans. A Home Office statement said: 'Brodie Clark is alleged to have authorised UKBA officials to abandon biometric checks on non-EEA [European Economic Area] nationals, the verification of the fingerprints of non-EEA nationals and Warnings Index checks on adults at Calais.' According to Clark, who the Daily Mail claimed has a £1.4million pension pot, he was initially offered the chance to retire, but this offer was rescinded by the Home Office to prevent him receiving a further payout.
Brodie Clark. That name might ring a bell for a very good reason.

Allow us to take you back to 1994, the armed excape from maximum security HMP Whitemoor of five IRA terrorists and an armed robber. With two guns which had been smuggled into the prison, Peter Sherry, 39, one of the Brighton bombers, fellow IRA men Paul Magee, Liam McCotter, Gilbert McNamee (linked to 1982 Hyde Park atrocity) and Liam O'Dwyer, and Andrew Russell, 32, an armed robber, scaled the prison walls using knotted sheets.
A guard was shot and wounded during the escape, but the prisoners were captured after being chased across fields by guards and the police.
Following the escape bid, the Home Office launched an enquiry to ascertain how at least two guns and what police described as 'a device' got inside the Cambridgeshire prison and whether lax security was a factor.
Whitemoor was intended as a flagship modern prison when it opened in 1991. Half of the prison contained sex offenders, including serial killer Denis Neilsen, the other half contained IRA prisoners, armed robbers and drug dealers.
In 1993 a senior manager at the prison, Lynne Bowles, warned that criminals who were intimidating staff with violence and threats of violence were still being 'pampered' with privileges.That December, prisoners said to be drunk on homemade hooch, smashed up the prison and started a series of small fires in five hours of mayhem at the jail. A subsequent report by the prison's Board of Visitors warned that the staff at the prison were in danger of losing control.
Following the 1994 attempted escape by the IRA terrorists, the prison's governor, Brodie Clark (Aha! That's where we know the name from!) refused to reign.
A subsequent report by Sir John Woodcock found that Whitemoor was a prison where the 'tail wagged the dog' and where prisoners were pampered and staff were intimidated and bizarrely 'confused'. Sir John said that Governors appeared to have washed their hands of the Special Secure Unit. where the IRA men escaped from. He added that there were two underlying beliefs that set the scene for the escape, one that the unit was escape-proof and the other a fear of a riot. Officers were also threatened by inmates and this facilitated a regime of non-confrontation where the prisoners were able to push the boundaries of acceptable practice. Sir John said that 'a lack of positive leadership produced the conditioning that led to the inept practices'.
Security surrounding prison visits was unbelievably lax, the report added, there had been a decision to suspend rub down searches, because of the complaint of one female visitor to the unit. It says the searches were suspended, despite warnings about the risks. Sir John said that the suspension of these searches was the 'foundation of more to follow'.

Clark has been in the UK Border Agency since 2003, where initially he had responsibility for the Immigration Service before his current role. Prior to this his career had been in the UK Prison Service, where his final two board-level positions had been as Director of the High Security Estate and Director of Security. Brodie was even awarded a CBE in the 2010 New Year's Honours List, presumably for his work in aiding escaping prisoners or dissolving what was left of our national boundaries.
We live in a Britain where failures like Brodie prosper. He looks the part, like your typical EU/Common Purpose drone. I dare say he speaks their lingo, makes the right noises, therefore little mistakes such as allowing dangerous criminals and terrorists walk out of high security prisons are easily overlooked. Let's face it have you seen any of the established media making the connection between the Whitemoor escape and the current state of affairs at the Border Agency? No and I doubt if you will either. This is because they are complicit in engineering chaos. They offer idiots like Clark, push them forward because they want our society to fail. People like Clark, and there are many more like him still in positions of power, the inept drones, brainwashed with management speak and Common Purpose platitudes are the tools of the political classes. One of their ruses to hide the social change they are forcing on all of us has come to light, but Clark will be discarded and another inept drone will take his place,
This is modern Britain, where failure is rewarded, they don't seek to govern us in the national interest anymore, they have another agenda totally to the rest of us, and we believe that Brodie Clark's CV is testament to that.....

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