Thursday, 17 November 2011

We, the people!

UK Resistance - Working Class Action intends to apply a new purist approach to the defence and salvation of this country and our way of life. The defence of foreign realms or alien ideologies will not feature in our plans. UK Resistance was formed by working class people, and will be a working class united front movement run by the working class for the working class.

We intend to form a credible, non-reactionary and most importantly effective opposition to the enemies of the British people, with traditional British guile rather than brute force, and with a defined strategy and goals. We intend to effectively and peacefuilly shake the establishment so they offer us, the working class, the chance of a dialogue, and believe wholeheartedly that this can be achieved and achieved quickly given the right approach.

UK Resistance will not trespass onto the territory of other patriotic groups because we intend to be innovative, rather than predictable. Any action we take will have quantifiable results, we will not put people up there for the sake of it. Most of our work will be methodical, possibly not as exciting as standing there baiting our enemies or our police force, but it will be effective.

There will be no leaders, UK Resistance - Working Class Action will eventually, we hope, be led by an elected national council, people will not get into positions of power and then stay there because there will be no positions of power, just the right people doing a certain job. If they are not effective they will be removed from their responsibility by the elected council, or until the council is established by the members of this forum.

There will be no minority sections, because we do not need them, we will have patriots and non-patriots, end of story. Anyone's opinion, regardless of sexuality, creed or colour will be as important as anyone elses. Extremists, whatever their persuasion are not welcome in this movement, we have no ties to any political party or ethos, by definition as working class British people we are naturally averse to extremism and we do not believe in fighting it by becoming extreme ourselves. UK Resistance - Working Class Action intends to follow an agenda of 'militant moderation'.

Thank you for your time

We, the people!


  1. Excellent, sounds just like what this country needs and am more than willing to support such a group.

    I look forward to seeing what the group can achieve.

  2. Non extremist, open minded, inclusive to all. Could be the germ of a good idea. Need to get a ground swell of people to crea. Apathy is the enemy. Go viral. I am willing to give it a chance.