Saturday, 21 April 2012

Boston Standard: Protest Against Political Establishment

PROTESTERS gathered in Boston on Saturday to make a stand against the ‘dumbing down’ of politics and the lack of representation from government.

Members of the apolitical group UK Resistance: Working Class Action held a demonstration at the Ingram Memorial on the Market Place in which they handed out leaflets and questionnaires to passers-by in a bid to discover local views on politics and discover if there would be support for the group to challenge the traditionally safe Conservative seat at the next general election.

Members believe that if people’s views were better represented it would reawaken an interest in politics for much of the working class.

Mike Watts, who was one of around 15 people to attend the event, told The Standard: “We think the working class is not represented anymore.

“It’s easy to moan, but we think as a mass of people we are being dumbed down and that’s why a lot of people have become apathetic and depoliticised. We want to show people that these so-called safe seats are built on sand.”


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