Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Are we still in recession?

There is not a global recession, just ask the people of Brazil, India, China, Australia etc. In fact, in Europe the only country that is officially in recession is Greece. Apparently, and this will no doubt come as a surprise for readers, Britain came out of recession on the fourth quarter of 2009 and was officially declared out of recession 26th January 2010.
If you follow the official definition of recession then it is true, we're out of recession. However, we're not if you factor in the fact that money is decreasing in value all of the time (the inflation of which is what drives growth). People see their high streets decimated, shops are closing down all the time, only the big corporations are expanding, their monopolies that is.
Fact of the matter is, with money injections from the central bank the illusion of not being in a recession can be maintained; not only in the UK, but all over Europe and the US. This obviously comes at a price as the goods and services you have to pay for on a daily base are going up and up in price.
We have had more 'quantative easing' or in other words they're printing more money, however, especially since we dropped the gold standard, the problem with this is that we are competing with worthless shit paper against nations such as China and others in south-east Asia which can back their currency with commodities.       
None of the immediate financial problems have been solved and as long as there's no reintroduction of manufacturing in the UK, things won't change. There's also a desperate need to decrease the population by around 20%, which will be achieved with scandalous fuel prices creating a cull of our elderly and infirm, after all these people are not able to compete on the international markets; therefore a natural elimination process will most likely take place over the next few decades.

People are finally waking up, but let's hope it's not too late.


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