Friday, 30 March 2012

By George, he's done it yet again....

RESPECT Party candidate George Galloway last night won the Bradford West by-election by 10,140 votes, a swing from labour of over 5 thousand in a turn-out of around 50%. Galloway claimed that it was the "most sensational victory in by-election history". Labour MP Toby Perkins bizarrely claimed it was Galloway's appearance on televisions Big Brother which was responsible for the win. Labour’s Head of Cultural Fascism, Harriet Harperson, admitted the result was "very bad" for Labour. Galloway, who commanded a 56% share at the ballot box, said the "mammoth vote" represented the "Bradford Spring" and was a "total rejection" of the three major parties which constitute the British political system. Galloway said he thought there was a ‘tidal wave waiting to break across many parts of the country and last night it broke in Bradford. It's a wave of alienation towards the mainstream political parties and their leaders.’

Adam Boulton floundered on Sky News, outclassed by Galloway and reduced to apparently trying to oust a confession from Galloway that he was now a Muslim. CH4's Jon Snow tweeted that it was “a protest vote”. Snow's tweet actually proved how remote from reality the ruling left-wing middle class establishment is. People have quite simply had enough of the empty promises of our political class, their idealistic but wholly impractical and na├»ve politics. It was obvious why the metropolitanista were glum, in subsequent interviews, Galloway pin-pointed everything which is wrong with New labour, no real leaders anymore and no working class participation whatsoever. Galloway told BBC Radio 4's The World At One that Labour had lost touch with its traditional core voters: "If Labour doesn't go back to being a Labour Party again, it will never command the support - let alone the enthusiasm - of the kind of people who supported it for at least 100 years."

Bradford Spring-board for patriotism

It might not be readily apparent to patriots, but this is a landmark result in the fight to regain political representation for the English people. Instead of bemoaning the result, claiming he played to the Islamic bloc vote, or that sectarianism is the winner etc, we should take the massive positives which are apparent from Galloway's win.
Apathy rules amongst the English, how many times do you hear people talking about the political process and saying "I don't vote, what's the point, we'll never change anything". Well it certainly doesn’t amongst the electorate of Bradford West. Our friends in the north demonstrated to us that the three-party stranglehold over British politics can be broken. Yes, you can change things you don’t like. Yes, you can get rid of inept politicians and replace them with people who will speak out and support YOUR interests.
Bradford West could be the turning point for the English patriotic resistance movement. It should, if we have ANYTHING about us, spur English people into voting again. We should learn from it. Can we change it? Yes we can! We have been brainwashed into believing we cannot change anything and that we can't survive without the three main parties. We need to reciprocate the feeling of change emanating from West Yorkshire now, and ensure OUR VOICE is heard in the same manner as the voters of Bradford West. If we do not learn, adapt and capitalise from this safe large Labour majority being overturned, then perhaps we deserve everything we get.
All three main parties pay scant regard to the wishes of their electorate anymore. They send our children to their deaths in their foreign wars, they use our money to bail out their chums in the banking industry. They tell us we're all in it together, while they screw us into the ground with taxes, but allow their corporate peers to avoid paying their dues to the society which spawned them and facilitated their enormous wealth. Our elderly and disabled have to choose between eating and heating every winter, our cancer patients are told there is no money for drugs which could save or prolong their lives, while we send billions in foreign aid abroad. They can do it only because we allow them to. It’s obvious why they get away with it, many of us are so stuck in our ways, we are cowards in the face of change. The majority of us are still voting out of family loyalty, or allegiance to principles or policies which our three main parties have long abandoned, discarded as irrelevant. If we keep being reactionary, and moaning about everything that arises with resignation, we are finished. Instead, we should be looking to learn and adapt. We will not gain any ground while the three party system is strong and settled, that is why Bradford West is such a positive result for us, we need to perpetuate this air of political subversion.

An English Ummah

The patriotic resistance of this country needs to learn from Bradford West. It is no good individual political parties announcing manifestos when they have no electorate, that makes them just as bad as the main parties. You will never inspire the English by turning up every four years in a suit spouting political rhetoric. We need to talk to ordinary people who are disenfranchised from the system, educate them that they can make a change. Bradford West was fought on the issues which voters in the constituency wanted confronting. We need to appeal to people in the same fashion, form patriotic bloc votes like RESPECT is showing us can be done. We need to engage with the abandoned English working class, listen and address their concerns.  If we do, we might finally smash this middle class metropolitan political cartel which currently has the country in a stranglehold.

However, we have to be honest with ourselves and overcome self-inflicted obstacles first, such as our penchant for anti-intellectualism and our habit of mocking anyone who cares enough to stand up and be counted in a credible manner. We have to establish a patriotic intelligentsia, which would operate within the system it seeks to topple. We have to play the game, if we don’t, we lose, simple as that. We have to look at our approach, nationalist or patriotic groups up to now have not spoken in a language that ordinary people have responded to in any great number, certainly nowhere near enough to make a mark. We have to admit our failings and address them.  This is our Dunkirk, where we realise the path we have trodden might not have been the right one, that others are ahead of us in the game, it’s the moment where we take stock, adapt and prepare to retake the fight to our enemies.

There needs to be a clear strategy, laborious work done at grassroots level to re-engage ordinary people adrift from politics. We need to represent ourselves but we also need an electorate. The reason the main parties only address middle class concerns is because they are the only people who vote in any great number still. We need to forget small party allegiances and policies for now (all patriotic parties and groups should work together, we can sort it out afterwards). All groups with similar aims need to call a ceasefire and stop arguing with each other, the reds did it and attained power. If we are to survive, never mind prosper and regain lost ground, we need to form a bloc vote and vote according to OUR interests. Bradford West should sound the death knell for English apathy. but we have to accept that we need to learn lessons wherever they may come from, educate ourselves, re-politicise our people and most importantly VOTE.

We are people on whose backs the greatest empire the world has ever seen was forged. We are the descendants of people who paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country without a second thought. Now is the time to resist in the manner of our forefathers, in a credible and effective fashion. England is the birthplace of political radicalism, we are sons and daughters of Lilburne, of Place, descendants of Shurmer and Bevin, people who spoke out for the ordinary man in the street without fear and regardless of consequence. It is time to pay due respect to such illustrious forebears by using our heads and salvaging what is left of this once great nation and our way of life…..

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