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Class Discrimination: The last acceptable form of bigotry in modern Britain?

Class discrimination is the last acceptable form of bigotry in modern Britain. Why? Because the people instigating this particular form of bigotry are from the ruling class. The middle class, the internationalist, metropolitan class, the class which makes the rules, decides what governmental legislation contains and therefore makes the law of the land. 

Under UK law, anti-discrimination legislation covers one or more of the following groups who possess what are known as 'protected characteristics'.

Anti-discrimination laws protects people who are treated differently based upon their sex, race, (colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins), marital or civil partnership status, disability, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender reallignment, maternity and even trade union membership.
People who associate with any of these groups are also protected under discrimination legislation.
The law specifies that there are three different kinds of discrimination:

1) Direct discrimination occurs when someone is treated less favourably on the grounds of race, colour, nationality or ethnic/national origin.

2) Indirect discrimination is when one racial group is given preference over another, or if a policy that applies to everyone, but it is disadvantageous to a particular protected characteristic is introduced.

3) Victimisation, occurs when someone with a protected characteristic, or an associate, is singled out or persecuted because of that protected characteristic.

Discrimination against the working class, who don't possess any unprotected characteristics, is common-place, even in equality-obsessed modern Britain. It is allowed because the working class are not a recognised ethnic group. Even though a survey conducted in 2011 found that only 17% of people in Britain still considered themselves working class, therefore are obviously a recvognised minority, discrimination because of dialect, dress or address are not included in The Equality Act 2010. Consequently, privileged and privately educated middle class millionaires are free, in some cases on working class licence-fee payers money, to abuse, mock and lampoon the working class with total and utter impunity.

It is an indisputable fact that the social groups which constitute the British class system markedly differ, some far more than others.
If they didn't our middle class friends who run Britain's elitist media wouldn't be able to point out the differences and ridicule us. 

The British class system is traditionally defined by a range of distinctions, accent, manners, background, occupation, interests or hobbies or the company one chooses to keep. There are stark differences between the working class minority and the ruling middle classes, many of which lead to discrimination. Working class honesty, which manifests itself  mostly in blunt terminology, is now regarded as vulgar. There is also blatant discrimination against people who retain their regional accent. Working class children in some schools are now being given elocution lessons to rid them of any semblance of local identity. It is quite simply social engineering, in this case dressed up as teaching pronunciation. Can you imagine the middle class establishment doing that to any other social, cultural or ethnic group?
Of course this discrimination, which ranges from mockery to virtual ethnic cleansing, is all part of the great British classless society swindle. A society where class doesn't matter, but where the toffs are still laughing at the oiks, even though they are actually people who have been deserted by the metropolitan elite that is mocking them. The point that they are actually products of the wanton and selfish desertion by what now constitutes mainstream British society which they have constructed is obviously lost on our 'betters'. The fact that they are referring to the abandoned working class from former proud manufacturing powerbases upon the backs of whom the country, empire and their cossetted, priveleged lives were built upon is obviously lost on them.
Working class people are regularly and openly mocked by an elitist middle class dominated media, the Daily Mail thought a Paddy Power advert showing 'chavs' being shot 'hilarious'. Spiked! Online thought nothing of running a headlines entitled 'Close encounters of the chav kind'. FHM magazine also joins in, printing headlines such as 'Chav Chanteuse', when ironically describing the working class 'mockney' (which does what it says on the tin) caricature adopted by middle-class Lily Allen. The sickeningly politically correct BBC, thinks nothing of leading with the needless headline 'Burberry versus the chavs' when discussing how the fashion label wishes to distance itself from working class people. It doesn't stop with the media either, online bookseller Amazon has a 'chav tag' which enables patrons to categorize working class literature and working class authors as such. There are online games such as 'Chav Hunter' which the authors of encourage users to 'take out the chavs hanging around town' with weapons.

If the working class didn't differ so obviously from the ruling middle classes, our friends in the media wouldn't be able to point it out. 
The two classes differ to the point where, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, it can (certainly now the socio-economic and more importantly education gap between the two classes has widened) be successfully argued they are different ethnicities.
Ethnicity as defined by the Oxford Dictionary:


  • relating to a population subgroup (within a larger or dominant national or cultural group) with a common national or cultural tradition: ethnic and cultural rights and traditions leaders of ethnic communities.

We are always being told we live in a multicultural society, where everyone is equal, as working class people, we do not possess the 'political power' which is used to exclude white people per se from discrimination legislation by sociologists (i.e. power x discrimination = racism), we are a separate ethnic group entirely to the ruling majority middle class.

We are being discriminated against, terms such as 'underclass' or 'chav' are highly offensive and let's be honest, are actually purposely engineered to dehumanise us in the eyes of the general populace. If we are dehumanised the rest of the human race cannot empathise with our plight. It's that simple.

The working class have no representative bodies to credibly defend them anymore, that is until now.

UK Resistance - Working Class Action finds terminology such as chav or underclass highly offensive and deeply insulting. We do not recognise the existence of an underclass, we do however acknowledge the presence of an abandoned working class, who we stand alongside.
In this new age of equality, UK Resistance - Working Class Action finds it insulting that one group should be ignored so blatantly by discrimination legislation.

UK Resistance - Working class Action believes that discrimination legislation should apply to the English working class as it does to any other group.

We damand parity under the law of the land. We call for working class people to be recognised as the minority we now indisputably are. We believe the working class should be classified as a social group with protected characteristics under the law, particularly discrimination and hate speech laws.

It is time to end the hypocrisy.
It is time for equality and time for it now!

We are the patriotic working class resistance, long live The Resistance!

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