Friday, 6 July 2012

Bit10 withdraw sponsorship of Gary Deegan following UKR intervention

Coverntry Internet services company Bit10 today announced via Twitter that it was sponsoring both Coventry City and player Gary Deegan for the forthcoming season.

UKR, has been monitoring the Deegan situation at Coventry City Football Club since the publicity following the player's now infamous 'Up the RA' tweet. Deegan was suspended by Coventry City Football Club pending an investigation.

Following the announcement by Bit10, UKR contacted them to inquire if they were aware of the situation regarding Deegan. The company immediately replied stating that it did not support or condone the insensitive comments made by Gary Deegan, and that they were merely proud to be involved with Coventry City FC.

UKR replied asking the company if they were still planning to sponsor the player in question following his insensitive and offensive remarks. We are pleased to say the company replied that although they still supported Coventry City FC 100%, they had withdrawn their sponsorship of Deegan in light of his comments


We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Bit10 on their response, their decision to withdraw sponsorship for the player and also their commitment to sponsoring a local football club which has been down on its luck of late.

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