Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Thieving bastards, the lot of them!

There are certain large organisations operating in this country which were never intended to make a profit.

That’s not what they are there for.

On a national level, the NHS, the police, the armed forces, state education, the DWP along with most government departments etc. should all be above such mundane matters.
Locally, most council departments (with certain minor exceptions such as catering, for example) ought to be “excused duties” as far as making money is concerned.
The taxpayer (or council tax payer) has entered into a tacit agreement to fund these organisations. In return for our money we expect an efficient service and (national security issues aside) total transparency. We receive these in varying degrees, but that is probably a topic for a discussion in its own right.

Given the non-profit making status of these organisations, why do we allow private suppliers, agencies and so forth to plunder them like latter-day pirates?
The hot topic of the moment is the G4S Olympic debacle. The whole shebang has cost the British taxpayer billions of pounds one way and another, which we will never see again whatever the liars in parliament and LOCOG tell us.
Since we are getting Olympics whether we want them or not (I wasn’t asked, by the way?) then we have to accept the need for enhanced security, particularly in light of the posturing of our friends from the East.

That being so, shouldn’t this extra security have been provided by the police and the military as a matter of course? I would much rather entrust my personal safety and the world-wide reputation of my country to well-trained and smartly-dressed British soldiers and/or police officers than minimum-wage people most of whom have been forced into the job by the DWP and some of whom, we are reliably informed, don’t speak the native language of the host country.

The question here should not be, “Why was this £300M contract awarded to G4S?”
I suspect Baron Reid of Cardowan, otherwise known as the former communist and Labour Home Secretary, John Reid, now re-incarnated as a “Group Consultant” otherwise known as “middle-man” or “bag-man” for G4S, may know more than he is letting on about that.
The question should be “Why was this £300M contract awarded to anybody? “

The British military have a reputation which is second-to-none in the security arena. Their services are rightly in demand across the world.
Sadly, “budgetary constraints” mean that many of our soldiers and police officers are to be thrown on the scrap-heap.
Excuse me? Where were these budgetary constraints when the £300M of tax-payers money was handed over to the hopelessly inept and more importantly totally unnecessary G4S?

Answers on a postcard.

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